Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee Meeting

The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities committee meets once a month to stratagize and discuss future goals, events and opportunities. We are always looking for people interested in sitting on the committee. If you have a passion for newcomers and want to postively affect their perception, and life in our community then we'd love to hear from you. For more information email Lesley Winfield (Chair) at lwinfield@libs.prl.ab.ca.

Thursday, January 6 at 9:30 AM at Olds Municipal Library.     ANYONE IS WELCOME!!

ENJOY THE services that are unique to OLDS:
Settlement Services for Temporary Foreign Workers: FREE
Make an appointment with Jamie or Carolina to ask any questions you may have about your status in Canada.  Phone to make an appointment 403-346-8818 and they will come to Olds to meet with you...for FREE!!!
Newcomers Guide to Olds: FREE
This guide is written in both Tagalog and English. Please e-mail oldswic@gmail.com if you would like a copy, or pick one up at the Olds Municipal library next time you are there!!  This guide is also available in Spanish/English.
WELCOME WAGON: FREE (this is not the same as the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee)
Have you ever recieved a vist from the Laura Kurta of the Olds Welcome Wagon?  If not, the The Olds Weclome Wagon is  a Canadian greeting service that can bring a basket of useful, introductory tokens from merchants and business in Olds to the homes of people who have recently moved to Olds.  If you would like Laura to deliver a basket to your home, please e-mail oldswic@gmail.com with the names of the people in your home and your address and telephone number and we will pass on your information to the Welcom Wagon.
JOIN US at the Olds Welcoming and Inclusive Community Committee Meeting
If you have ideas about how we help make newcomers to Olds feel welcome, please come to our committee meetings.  The meeting is held once every two months on the second Thursday 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the Olds Municipal Library.  Muffins and coffee are served.  
If you would like to:
-  recieve once-a-month newsletters as well as invitations to events,
-  post information about a program you are offering or an event you are hosting on our website
please send your contact information to the Olds Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee at